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‘Skin in the game’ – Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s ideas

A concise blog entry by Taleb ends with this:

‘This is why I have been against the State dictating to us what we “should” be doing: only evolution knows if the “wrong” thing is really wrong, provided there is skin in the game for that.’

‘How to be rational about rationality.’  here

Is this Ayn Rand unmasked?  Or is Taleb edging closer to plain behaviourist psychology when he elaborates that beliefs are … cheap talk? IOW if something cannot be observed or measured, it is unknowable or absent entirely?

I don’t see him going down either road, even grudgingly. For him it is about pragmatism and risk. If anything, Taleb stands out as for a hard-headed approach to what he sees as the cul-de-sacs of the tender-minded.

William James  on tough minded and tender minded temperaments, from ‘The Present Dilemma in Philosophy’    here


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