By all means, get in touch: I will respond promptly. Local time is + 5 GMT (Toronto, Canada)

Alternate sizes

Some customers want slightly different formats to the posters e.g. A1 size

If you want to print to Euro sizes such as A1 and A2, or non 2:3 ratios, contact me.

Once I see you have paid for one of the 24 × 36 versions, I’ll email you the exact size you want.


Sizes available:

18 × 24

24 × 30

A1 594 × 841 mm

A2 420 × 594 mm

‘Where is my Download Link?’

The short answer: two links are provided, but one of those links is always redundant i.e. a back-up. This is because your purchase entitles you to 1 copy of the poster only.

First, easiest link: scroll down that Order Confirmation page that pops up immediately in your browser when your payment is confirmed. You will see a Download link there, bottom right. Hit it.

Second link: appears in the confirmation email sent to you. If you forgot to take the link from the Order Confirmation above, hit the link in this confirmation email instead. But – if you have already downloaded from the link above, that email link will not work.

A quick visual guide / solution HERE