How do I do this?

The Cognitive Bias poster comes in two styles. Both are 24 × 36 inches.

A Download link is provided immediately upon confirmation of payment.

For copyright protection, each poster is discreetly watermarked with the purchaser’s name and email.

When your payment is confirmed – usually in seconds –  an Order Confirmation form appears here in your browser.

Use the Download Link there to download your poster. HOW?

How come no reviews?

Reviews: in place of Reviews, please download either sample of the poster. You’ll see the file full size, with only some parts obscured to protect copyright. If you like the look of it, and you can spend five bucks, buy it. The alternative was to sell the printed poster and with it incur postage costs too. The nearest comparable product I have seen is John Manoogian’s lovely poster of 180 biases, but one must buy the poster printed at about $35 total. With the digital version here, you are free to print the poster in different sizes for your personal use only.

I want to print it at a different size…

The posters’s 2D ratio is 2:3 aspect (WXH).  Print at any size that holds to that ratio e.g. 20 × 30, 16 × 24.

Printing at other sizes will work fine, but leave minor margins that can be trimmed.

If choosing to print in a ratio that differs from the 2:3 aspect, check the printer settings e.g. ‘fit to page’ setting.

If you need an exact print size that does not correspond to the 2:3 aspect ratio, contact me. I will email it to you in place of the one you have purchased here.

Where do I print this?

The short answer is: upload it to an online print on demand business, then pick it up. There’ll be no postage fee. Or, you can find an online printer who will print and mail it to you. That’ll cost extra.

Online printing companies for USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK are HERE.

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